One of the biggest achievements of a child is their first steps and for every business the first achievement is to have a website to show the world what you have to offer.

Having a website has become a non-negotiable tool to market your business. With the ever-changing technology and way people look at websites it’s of key importance to create a site that assists you and your business and creates leads that end up being profitable for your company. Unlike ten years ago the period of time before you need to renew the features of your website is becoming shorter and shorter.

A few tips to make sure your website is working for you

  1. Make sure you have your website tested on all browsers to assure that all readers have the same  & exciting experience 
  2. Link it to your Social Media sites and encourage people to follow you
  3. Make sure it’s secure to prevent hacking
  4. Make sure all plugins are up to date (for WordPress sites)
  5. Make sure your website is fast and mobile ready
  6. Update the site regularly – don’t just let it sit, add new content on a regular basis
  7. Use tools like Google Analytics and Jetpack’s Site Stats to see how well the site is doing
  8. SEO is of key importance for your website ranking

A website is a reflection of your company and how you do business. The more impressive your website is, the more your online presence and reputation will grow!

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