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We found a few handy tools for you to use if you are a web developer or a designer. We’ve tested each one of these personally.

Webdesign Inspiration

If you are struggling to find inspiration for your design, this website will definitely help you out of your misery. It really has the best websites in town. Love it.

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Paletton – Generate colour schemes for your design

You can choose from monochromatic colours, adjacent colours, triad colours, tetrad colours etc. It matches up colours so you can be sure that your colour scheme really does work. How cool is this?

Go to website > - HaukeWebs



Background Labs – Download seamless background vectors

Here you can download background vectors you can tile and use as a background on your website.

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Subtle patterns – Free for you to use on your website

They have a huge database of pretty patterns you can download and use.

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Free Subtle Patterns - HaukeWebs



Fontsquirrel – Download webfonts

Here you can download fonts to use on your website – most of them are free for commercial use. You can download the font to install on your computer, as well as the webfont you can use on your website –  a very handy tool.

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Font Squirrel  - HaukeWebs



Free Brush Archive 

All the brushes you can think of divided into handy categories.

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Bruch Archive - HaukeWebs



Fontie – Generate webfonts from regular fonts

Webfont generator for literally any font you can think of. Just pop in your font and let Fontie do the work for you.

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Fontie - HaukeWebs



Free Flat icons for your website/design

Here they have a MASSIVE database of icons you can download to use on your website or design. All they ask is to be credited.

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Flaticon - HaukeWebs


Download free High-quality video backgrounds for your website

This is so cool. Free high-quality videos you can download for your website.

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Cover - HaukeWebs


How to make shapes with pure CSS

This awesome article shows you how to make shapes with pure CSS, goodbye images! Stars, badges, squares, rectangles, triangles, circles…even Pacman!

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CSS Shapes - HaukeWebs



CSS Arrow Please – Generate CSS for a box with an arrow point

This tool helps you by generating the code for a box with an arrow point on the side. It really simplifies things.

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CSS Arrow Please! - HaukeWebs



Clean up your CSS with this awesome tool

If you want to make sure your stylesheet is neat with the correct spacing, this tool is perfect for you.

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CSS Beautifier - HaukeWebs



Center everything with this handy tool!

Sometimes we all get one of those elements that just REFUSES to give in and center, this tool helps a lot.

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Center Anything with CSS -  HaukeWebs



Select elements easily – “Nth”-call for everything

This article shows you the “Nth”-call for everything, selecting children, letters, words and types have never been easier.

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Nth-Call for anything - HaukeWebs



Apply transitions and effects with PURE CSS with this tutorial

This awesome tutorial by Nick Salloum shows you how to add shake-effects, bounce-effects etc. to your elements. So handy. So cool.

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CSS Transitions and Effects - HaukeWebs



Amazing scroll effects for you to download -jQuery

This plugin allows you to create amazing websites with a wide range of scroll effects you can choose from.

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jQuery Scroll Effects plugin  - HaukeWebs



PSD Mockups for your designs/websites for Firmbee and Mockup World

Here you can choose from many free PSD mockups for every device that you can use to display your work. Easy to use, and FREE!

Go to Mockup World >  |  Go to Firmbee >

Free PSD Mock-Up - HaukeWebs


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