Type-heavy websites are trending this year. It’s always been very popular, but we are seeing it more and more on the web these days. The trend is to use bold fonts as key elements on your website. Usually designers use a unique or bold font to emphasise a quote or motto on the front page.  It is a great way to liven up your design or to emphasise something on your website.

Some people choose to use simple elements of text, where other people incorporate it all over the design, much like the last website on our list. Even though they used a lot of text/letters throughout the site, it does not look cluttered. If you have a clever design, you can pull pretty much anything off.


Front Row Photo 

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Basile Tournier

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Pauline Osmont

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Portfolio website of Bethany Heck

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Department Creatif

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 Brave People

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Woah Nelly Catering

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The Prince Ink

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However, please consider the following things when choosing your font or text:

  • The legibility of the font. Try to choose something not too “scripty”, as this can be very difficult to read for some people.
  • Try colours that wouldn’t conflict with your background.
  • Don’t overdo it. Keep the rest of your design simple, so  your website won’t look like a Christmas tree. The bolder your typography, the simpler your design.
  • If  you decide on a complex font for your headings, go with a very simple body font to get a clean look throughout your site.
  • Keep in mind that some fonts are not intended for web use, so if you choose a font, make sure that you can download a “web font”-version of it.


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