“The Stock Image struggle” – Yes, it’s real.

We as designers and developers, know the struggle to find the perfect stock image that isn’t low-res amateur photos, or photos way out of the budget of your current project.

It seems simple enough : “Find a stock image to use here”, however, this could turn into half a day’s search if you don’t know where to look.

Thankfully, there are a few talented and kind-hearted civilians who share their photographs with us FREE OF CHARGE, that we can use on our projects, blogposts etc.  We’ve listed a few of our favourite sites to find stock images that are 100% free for personal and commercial use. We will update this list when we find more awesome stock websites, so save this link and you will always know where to look.


This is another great site. However, these photos are a bit more creative than your usual stock images. We’re talking guys with painted toenails on grass, creepy clowns…The photos are still great quality and they have a few amazing shots in there. We wish that it would be a tad more organised – or have any organisation at all, but other than that, great photos. Also completely free.


Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics  offer free high-quality images for personal and commercial use, and the best part is, that the images don’t suck. They offer really cool images for you to use freely on your website, blog posts etc. The search and filter functions on this website makes it user-friendly and easy to find the images you want.



Amazing website with amazing photographs, high quality and a wide variety. You can search and filter through photos and download them easily. An overall user-friendly site.



Amazingly organised website, it has a wide range of photos, high quality photos. You can easily filter and search by category or tag. Overall, it is a very nice website, very user-friendly.



I LOVE the artsy photos on this website, great quality and free :). Would have loved more photos and categories on this website, but I still love this site. They have very few images, but the ones they have are great.


Im Creator

Im Creator is also one of our favourite sites. Also free for personal and commercial use, they offer a wide variety of images grouped under a category, this site is really organised and user friendly. They offer free templates, icons and images for you to use. It also comes equipped with a search-function, which also makes it easy to find what you are looking for.



Another cool site, they have a wide variety of images from a wide range of categories, and not only do they offer free stock photos, but vectors and illustrations as well, all free for personal and commercial use. Their website states that they have over 340 000 free files to choose from, such a big database of free things, which is so cool!



They have very nice photos for you to download for your projects, lovely artsy shots. Could use some categories, but there is a search function you can use.


Pic Jumbo

Pic Jumbo is also one of our favourite sites. Also neatly categorised and the search function works well. The images are also great quality, and free for both personal and commercial use.


Foodies Feed 

To all food lovers! Do not visit this site when hungry. They have amazing photos of everything food-related. However, you can’t search or filter through the images by category, you will have to take the time to go through every page. Great photos though.


Designers Pics

Another great site. Beautiful photos and neatly categorised for your convenience. These are also 100% free for personal and commercial use. They don’t have a wide variety like the websites above, but the quality of their images makes up for it.  Their photos are also categorised under a few categories, and the search function also helps you to find what you are looking for easier.



This is probably my favourite site. A great variety of AMAZING photographs (most of them) which you can search and filter through. You could probably find any photo you are looking for here. Love this.


Markus Spiske on Flickr

This guy shares an AMAZING collection of photos on Flikr. High resolution of images for personal and commercial use, all skillfully photographed. This site is not as organised as the previous ones, but the images make up for that.



Also a very nice site, a nice variety of images ranging from landscapes, to technology and buildings. It has a nice search functionality, it would’ve been better if it were categorised, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Overall it is a nice website.



They have the most amazing photo’s, such a wide variety as well. Great quality, completely free for you to use on your personal and commercial projects. You can navigate through the photos easily with their search function, and their photos are neatly organised in categories.



Another lovely site for free high quality photos. It’s neatly organised in categories and you can choose the way you view the photos for your convenience :).



For more awesome, free stock image websites, check out this really cool compilation by Canva.


If you know of more awesome websites for free stock images, feel free to  leave them in the comments below and we will check them out.


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